Highly Qualified Divorce Lawyers in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Divorce is an emotionally draining and legally complex procedure. It can be even more painful when children are involved and custody and visitation must be worked out.

The family law attorneys at Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka in Middlesex County understand how difficult divorce can be. That’s why they give clients time to tell their stories, using that information to craft a legal strategy that serves them best.

The firm’s attorneys also are careful to explain the complexities a divorce action can touch upon, including:

  • income
  • alimony
  • custody
  • parenting time (visitation)
  • child support
  • equitable distribution of assets, and
  • resolution of debts

Issues that were once taken for granted also must be addressed, such as who carries the medical insurance for the family and who is responsible for the bills.

If the attorney who is handling a client’s case thinks it makes sense, he or she may suggest working with alternative dispute resolutions, such as binding or nonbinding arbitration or mediation. With these, parties are often able to craft a more favorable result than allowing a judge to rule.

Deeply Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Two accomplished attorneys handle marital actions at Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka in Middlesex County: Ed Ramp and Frank Hlavenka. Each has more than 30 years experience. And both are expert divorce lawyers who explain every step of the process, so their clients are never taken by surprise.

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