Domestic Violence

Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers

New Jersey’s “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act” is a powerful piece of legislation that affords victims immediate protection. It removes the alleged offender from the residence and issues a restraining order to prevent him or her from returning, sometimes permanently. Domestic violence may have dire consequences as well, such as criminal conviction. It also may adversely affect parenting time, access to children, raise a presumption against custody, and/or lead to confinement without bail.

Although the domestic violence law does not require either party to have an attorney, it is foolish for either party to appear unrepresented. This is a particular concern, since the court may rule that the defendant is not an appropriate parent, suspending visitation rights.

Adding to the anxiety, fear, and frustration, domestic violence hearings come before the court very quickly, typically in ten days. The parties involved do not have the luxury of waiting a few days before choosing an attorney.

Skilled Family Law Attorneys in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Edward Ramp and Frank Hlavenka of the law firm Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka in Middlesex County handle both plaintiffs and defendants in domestic violence hearing. With more than 30 years experience, and their deeply rooted expertise, either lawyer needs almost no time to come up to speed on a case.

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