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DWI/DUI & Traffic Violations

Veteran DWI/DWU Attorney in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka doesn't believe in taking shortcuts when preparing a defense for DWI/DUI. The more the defense attorney knows, the greater the opportunity that the facts can be presented in the best light at an administrative hearing or in municipal court.

The result can mean significant reductions in penalties and fines. Many times it can mean the difference between a client losing and keeping his or her license.

Ann Renaud handles DWI/DUI cases for Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka. A veteran attorney and litigator with more than 30 years experience, her precise approach is reflected in her impressive record of success with DUI/DWI cases.

Ann also served as a judge in the municipal court of East Brunswick (2000 to 2003). In that role she dealt extensively with prosecutors and gained valuable insight into the DUI/DWI process.

East Brunswick, New Jersey, Moving Violations Attorney

Ann also handles substantive traffic violations for Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka of Middlesex County. These include any moving violations that involve the possible loss of a license—such as driving without insurance or with a suspended license.

Ann's experience, time on the bench, and scrupulous attention to detail enables her to understand how to present a client's case from the most favorable angle. Typical results are a reduction in penalties or, in some instances, dismissal of all charges.

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Regina is a single grandmother and a retired computer programmer/analyst. I've known Ed for 25 years. He's always been there for me and he always protects my interests.

Ed handled my divorce. He really protected my property rights...

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Bill is a 56-year-old truck driver. When the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) took my one-and-a-half year old grandson from my daughter, I immediately thought of Ann. I knew her from before, when she cleared up some traffic tickets my wife had gotten. I knew she was smart. I knew she was a big-time listener. And I knew I needed help...

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