Establishing Legal Guardianships in New Jersey

If a family member can no longer make decisions for himself or herself, the probate court can appoint a guardian to act on his or her behalf. Guardianships are typically granted for long-term illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or schizophrenia.

At Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka in East Brunswick, NJ, guardianships are an area of expertise. But legal knowledge is not enough. The firm’s attorneys will always respect the dignity of the incapacitated person.

Whatever an individuals needs are, the best strategy is to begin work on a guardianship before one is necessary. The most critical aspect of this endeavor is to establish a durable power of attorney, a legal document that enables a client to act on a family member’s behalf if he or she is disabled or incapacitated.

East Brunswick, New Jersey, Veteran Probate Attorney

Ann Renaud handles guardianships and probate for Ramp, Renaud & Hlavenka. With more than 30 years experience, Ann is a knowledgeable attorney with a complete grasp of all the intricacies of this legal practice.

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